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The Latest Fashion Store Openings And Pop-ups

The Latest Fashion Store Openings And Pop-ups

The Latest Fashion Store Openings And Pop-ups

The news recently has been particularly downcast, with challenges faced by everyone in the fashion and retail industry. Whether a business working in ghost mannequin photography or one operating an e-commerce store, the cost-of-living crisis is having a real impact on every step in the supply chain.

However, there are still fashion and retail brands out there opening up new stores or creating pop-ups over the festive period that help us see some positives in the industry. Today we’re going to explore some of these exciting new stores from across the UK including Glasgow, London and Liverpool.

Gap’s new store in NEXT at Braehead Shopping Centre

Early November saw the opening of Gap’s fifth shop within a shop in the UK, at the NEXT in the Braehead Shopping Centre. As a result of the new strategic partnership between NEXT and Gap, the new 1,300-square-foot store has its own entrance and mirrors the stores on Oxford Street, London and Birmingham and Manchester.

The Glasgow store will stock the full range of Gap clothing for men and women, as well as children and babies. The aim is to be ready for the Christmas season and offer a wide range of options for those looking for gifts.

New Size? and Cricket stores opening at Liverpool ONE

The Liverpool ONE shopping destination is seeing a raft of openings from premium brands and in November we’ve seen Size? Open, with Cricket due in the new year.

Size? is debuting a new concept to store design, with a focus on digital systems that include kiosks to access its e-commerce store collection. Consumers will be able to purchase the full range of products from Size?, as well as enjoy access to global releases and stock that may not be available elsewhere.

Cricket, the luxury boutique brand will be launching a flagship store in early 2023, covering an impressive 21,000 square feet. With a wide range of clothing for men, women and children, shoppers will also be able to get their latest designer accessories from brands including Burberry and Valentino.

Away from these two brands, Liverpool ONE is seeing a series of retail store openings that highlight the important role it plays in fashion and retail in Liverpool and the wider UK economy.

Festive pop-up in London for Kate Spade

Fashion brands are not only focusing on permanent store openings this year, with leading brand Kate Spade setting up a store for four days in early November. Located in Soho, this pop-up was open to members of the public who wanted to enjoy a festive theme to their shopping experience.

Not only could people explore the brand’s inspiration, but they could also take advantage of a vending machine full of prosecco and a secret disco room. For those that did attend, the opportunity to win prizes ranging from vouchers to jewellery will have left plenty of consumers in good cheer this holiday period.

It is great to see fashion and retail brands focus on engagement with consumers, as well as trying to drive their business forward.

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