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Our flat lay fashion photography service creates an understated and yet powerful message about your brand, providing a stylish alternative to other types of fashion photography, and is extremely on trend at the moment. Flat lay photos allow for simplistic, uniform images used in product listings, as well as more artistic shots to help show off each piece of clothing.

Flat lay photography is a useful, highly effective way to display your products online, styling them in more informal setups or combining them with alternative types of images such as model shots and videography. Speak to our expert photographers today about how we can work together to showcase your fashion collection.

Classic flat lay shot of black t-shirt
Light blue jumper
Variation of flat lay with pink ladies' long puffer
Small yellow t-shirt including hanger
Flat lay of grey jumper incorporating hanger
Ladies' white blouse flat lay
Faded dark grey t-shirt
Ladies' delicate white blouse

Benefits of using Flat Lay Product Photography

Flat lay photography is very stylish and currently on trend within the fashion ecommerce space. Improve the quality of your brand with this modern and clean style. An ability to photograph and highlight details of specific clothes, shooting them against different backdrops. Flat lays can be shot and styled creatively, with numerous ways to make them unique to your brand.

Flat lay variation of black ladies' puffer jacket
Example of clean flatlay photo of top
Photo of hoodie on hanger

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Flat lay photography FAQ’s

What is flat lay photography?
Are there different types & styles of flat lay photography?
How many variations of shots are typical for each product?
Does the price change for different clothing types?
What type of backdrops are available?
Do I need to do anything to prepare the clothes beforehand?
Do you offer multiple product flat lay photography?
Are there any products that cannot be shot as flatlay?
What type of studio props are available?
Can I provide my own studio props?
Am I able to provide styling input?
Do you specialise in any particular style of flatlay photography?
How are the photos delivered?
How long does it take to get the photos?
Is flatlay photography good for social media?