Our flat lay fashion photography service creates an understated and yet powerful message about your brand, providing a stylish alternative to other types of fashion photography. Flat lay photos allow for simplistic, uniform images used in product listings, as well as more artistic shots to help show off each pice of clothing.

Flat lay photography is a useful, highly effective way to display your products online, styling them in more informal setups or combining them with alternative types of images such as model shots and videography.

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Benefits of using Flat Lay Product Photography

  • Flat lay photography is very stylish and currently on trend within the fashion ecommerce space.
  • Improve the quality of your brand with this modern and clean style. 
  • An ability to photograph and highlight details of specific clothes, shooting them against different backdrops.
  • Flat lays can be shot and styled creatively, with numerous ways to make them unique to your brand.

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Flat lay photography FAQ’s

Flat lay photography is a form of product photography that we excel in. It involves taking a photograph of the product from directly above. This birds-eye view of a product has been around for a long time and is extremely popular right now, particularly across social media and with markets including fashion and general e-commerce.

This style of product photography has the power to direct the attention of your viewer to the subject or subjects in question. It may be you have a simple white background with no props, or a carefully designed scene to tell a story but either way, it is an effective way to show your garments in a stylish and on-trend way.

One common misconception is that flat lay photography isn’t particularly creative or exciting, but this is far from the truth. Whilst it is true that some e-commerce stores may require simple, flat lay style images, take a moment to look at your Instagram feed and you will see how effective creative flat lay shots can be. For example, a fashion designer may wish to show their latest jumper with some seasonal props or on a lifestyle background.

Flay lay photography has some useful benefits to brands that may not be entirely apparent at first for example, this style of photography allows you to leave space on an image for a brand logo or piece of text.

We truly believe flat lay photography offers our clients the ability to have unique, stylish images of their products that their customers will love. It is important that the focus for potential customers is the product itself and incorporating flat lay images into your marketing plan is key to achieving this goal.

There are numerous ways flat lay photos can be styled and shot. There are casual flat lays, neatly-laid flat lays, whole-outfit flat lays and more. Experienced and creative photographers can match the ideal style of flat lay images to your brand.

It varies, but typically an e-commerce listing will have anything between 4 and 7 images. Those are usually a variety of types of image. A front and a back shot is standard for flat lays, although we can do any amount of images you like depending on your budget.

It may vary slightly depending on the complexity of styling each garment.

Flat Lay shots can be done on any background that you like, including different colours and textures.

No, although if the clothing turns up more or less ready to shoot it’s always appreciated.

Yes, of course. It’s great to get creative with flat lays and large, wide shots with multiple products can look particularly good. These are often the types of shots that are used in hero or header imagery for a website.

Generally no, although some work better than others.

On the more creative end of the scale adding some props to a flat lay shot can look great. We’ve got a wide selection in-house, as well as good relations with the local prop houses should further items be required.

Yes, you’re more than welcome to provide your own props if you have something in mind.

Yes, it’s often preferred. You can send a brief prior to the shoot or attend in person

Normally you would use flat lay photography either for an e-commerce listing, which would more commonly be done on a plain or off white background, or for social media and advertising, which could be more creative. We specialise in both.

After the shoot and edit are complete your images will be uploaded to our servers. We will then send you a secure link to download them.

It varies, but generally a. flat lay shoot takes around 48-72 hours to deliver (from the end of the shoot). 24 hour turn around is available on request.

Yes, you’ll notice  a lot of flat lay photography on social media. It works well, especially with shots that include props or a feature background.

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