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When a model showcases your range of clothing, they are representing your brand and engaging with potential customers in a way that other isn’t possible with other types of imagery. Model Photography creates aspirational feeling towards your clothing, highlights certain features and tell a story that people will want to be a part of.

It is one of the most popular fashion photography services that we offer, and we’ve developed a reputation for delivering exceptional results time and again. Thanks to our roster of models and stylists, we can work closely to select the right model and photography set for your range of clothing. A stunning combination of benefits that will transform your marketing campaign or website and ultimately boost sales.

Modelling green hoodie with drawstring
Model photography of all black outfit
Model photo in all white
In studio model shot in all blue
Model fashion photography London
Black hoodie and jeans
Model photography wearing brown coat and cream chinos
Male model in blue hoodie with grey tee

Benefits of using model photography

The main benefit of shooting your items on a model is that your prospective customers can see how your clothing would look when worn before they buy it, which consumers want. Our models and hair and make up artists will get your items looking at their absolute best, and create an aspirational image for your brand.

Why shoot your model photography in a studio environment?

A wide range of backdrops – a studio provides numerous backdrops with a variety of scenery, colours and textures and purpose-built sets, including plain white and light grey backgrounds that are favoured in ecommerce shoots

Convenience – Studio shoots are more cost-effective, the photographers can work more efficiently, it’s easier to achieve a uniform look across a series of images due to the control offered by studio photography, and there is also no need to scout for locations.

Example of variations of model photos in same outfit
Outfit - black tee with jeans
Male model with matching outfit and sunglasses
creative photography shoot using a female model

Our model photography service

As an established studio with clients across the UK, we have developed a network of models, stylists and hair and makeup artists who are at the top of their game. Our photographers coordinate each photoshoot, putting together the best team for each individual project. At every stage of the photoshoot, from the initial discussions through to post-production, we collaborate with clients to achieve the absolute best results.

We have decades of experience working with models, providing effective direction and feedback that enables them to show off your collection in all of its glory. Making sure the styling is perfect, lighting and background ticks all of the boxes and the posing is on point. We make sure all of this happens for every image, on every photoshoot, so contact us today to find out more about our model photography services.

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