Ghost Mannequin Photography

As a fashion industry standard, ghost mannequin product photography is one of our specialities. Also known as “invisible mannequin” photography, this method gives the impression that the item of clothing is being worn by an invisible model.

Ghost mannequin photos are widely used in the fashion and e-commerce industry, thanks in part to their versatility. Our customers often choose to use this method in conjunction with other photo and content styles including flat lay and fashion videography.

Benefits of using The Ghost Mannequin Technique

There are some fantastic benefits for displaying your products in this way. Primarily, it allows customers to imagine how the garment would look in real life, without the distraction of a model. The invisible mannequin provides shape to the clothes compared with other types of images.

The ghost mannequin photography style allows the customer to immediately see how a pair of jeans would fit, or a dress would flow down to the floor. It provides the customer with a more realistic view of the clothing, increasing your chances of making a sale. Additionally, the ghost mannequin format creates a clean, uniform and stylish presentation of each clothing item. You don’t need to worry about backgrounds, props or models distracting from the product itself. Instead, you can create consistency across your e-commerce website and social media profiles. 

To explore this concept further, get in touch with us and our ghost mannequin photographers will work to create beautiful shops for your fashion store.

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Ghost Mannequin FAQs

Ghost mannequin photography, also known as invisible mannequin photography,  gives clothing items the appearance that they’re being worn by an invisible model or mannequin. This technique gives clothing  a 3D look, and allows the viewer to see the items as they would be worn but without the distraction of a model.

We often get asked this question because a brief look online at brands and e-commerce websites show both are frequently used. The difference between ghost mannequin and model photography is that one simply shows the product and the other incorporates a person wearing or using the product. However, each has its own pros and cons and combining multiple forms of photography on a product listing will almost always result in more sales than using a single style.

Ghost mannequin photography allows you to display your range of products in a uniform way, making it easier for potential customers to view them without distractions. This style of photography allows for visual consistency across your brand, a hugely important requirement for anyone wishing to sell products online.

The key benefit of model photography is that it enables you to tell a story with your images. If you want to connect with potential customers on an emotional level, then having models wearing or using products is a fantastic way to do it. The models may reflect your target audience, be shown in a lifestyle shot or wear complementary items that you wish to sell as well.

The majority of clients go for a combination of the two styles, and we believe this allows you to find that perfect gallery of photographs that will really enhance your products and brand identity. You can choose ghost mannequin e-commerce shots for your product listings to ensure consistency and allow users to see every detail, whilst adding in a mix of model photography images to tell an engaging story on your website and social media platforms.

As the decision is always down to the client’s individual requirements and expectations, we would suggest speaking to our experts. It is an opportunity to work together to create a plan that will deliver outstanding results for your business.

A typical e-commerce listing will have between 4 and 7 images of each piece. This usually consists of ghost mannequin variations, detail shots and models. You can of course have more or less depending on your budget. A general rule of thumb is that more images of each piece of clothing provides the customer with a better view of the listing, resulting in more sales.

Yes, if your samples are not quite the correct colour then this can be adjusted in edit.

Yes, we can provide images with virtually any background colour that you like. We also have a variety of different textured and effects backgrounds.

Yes, we have a variety of different male, female and child mannequins

Yes, you can send a specialist to the studio for the shoot if needed.

Yes you’re more than welcome to brief before the shoot, or attend in person.

Generally speaking, the price does not change. Although, if a range of clothing is particularly difficult to style then that may affect the price.

You can leave them with the studio for as long or as short an amount of time as you like, both before and after the shoot.

It differs depending on the type and size of the shoot, but a standard edit for a ghost mannequin shoot is 48-72 hours. A 24 hour editing service is available upon request.

No, 360 photography produces an interactive image that enables the viewer to rotate and view the product from 360 degrees. However, ghost mannequin photography is available in 360 format.

No, although some are more suited than others. It’s worth considering if your clothing would benefit more from being shot on a model, or on both.

Yes, and many people do. There are numerous ways to make them more exciting, for example changing the background colour or creating a GIF.

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