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As a fashion industry standard, ghost mannequin product photography is one of our specialities. Also known as “invisible mannequin” photography, this method gives the impression that the item of clothing is being worn by an invisible model.

Ghost mannequin photos are widely used in the fashion and e-commerce industry, thanks in part to their versatility. Our customers often choose to use this method in conjunction with other photo and content styles including flat lay, model photography, and fashion videography.

t shirt product photography
Black hoodie with pouch ghost mannequin
Ladies' overcoat in brown
Ghost mannequin photo of Rebel sports bra
Ghost mannequin of green ladies' coat
Ghost Mannequin Photography
Colour variations of ladies' hoodie
Fashion coat in turqouise for ladies
Bright green dress
Colourful green coat
Fashion jumper in yellow, ghost mannequin
Buckled snakeskin jacket

Benefits of using The Ghost Mannequin Technique.

There are some fantastic benefits for displaying your products in this way. Primarily, it allows customers to imagine how the garment would look when worn, but without the distraction of a model. The invisible mannequin provides shape to the clothes and keeps the viewers attention just on the garment.

The ghost mannequin format creates a clean, uniform and stylish presentation of each clothing item, particularly when they are viewed altogether on an e-commerce page. Additionally, ghost mannequin photography allows the customer to immediately see how a pair of jeans would fit, or a dress would flow down to the floor. It provides the customer with a more realistic view of the clothing, increasing your chances of making a sale. You don’t need to worry about backgrounds, props or models distracting from the product itself. Instead, you can create consistency across your e-commerce website and social media profiles.

Variation shot of red long top
clothing item in ghost mannequin photography
Ghost mannequin photo of sleeveless leather top
Black siksilk top

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