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The Harrogate Fashion Week Returns in Style

As more of us embrace the idea that fashion doesn’t need to be focused on London and other major capitals of the world, it is great to see that Harrogate Fashion Week is back and more popular than ever. For those who own a fashion photography studio in London or across the UK, this is yet another fantastic opportunity to network and learn about the latest trends driving fashion forward.

So what is the Harrogate Fashion Week?

Initially started in 2018 by Wendy Adams and Sarah Moody, the first event had approximately 50 exhibitors but this year that has grown to an impressive 130 collections across three spaces within the Harrogate Convention Centre.

With a focus on the buying side of fashion, it is a premier location for independent womenswear and feedback suggests exhibitors appreciate how many buyers from across the North, as well as Scotland and Ireland attended.

What should you expect when you visit?

The ultimate goal of Harrowgate Fashion Week is to show off the latest womenswear and accessory brands, all within one location over a condensed two-day period. A fantastic location for networking and building connections with buyers, recent events have seen a 25% increase on previous shows and there are no signs of this trend slowing.

Some of the brands at the event include Tirelli, Orientique, Rosa Clara, XTI and Rino and Pelle. More and more collections are being added at each event, so it’s a good idea to look ahead to the next event dates.

As a nice bonus, all attendees are invited to drinks at the Fashion Cafe when the show closes. This is a lovely opportunity for exhibitors, fashion photography studios and friends alike to celebrate the event and look forward to future fashion shows.

What do the exhibitors have to say?

Evidence of the broad appeal of the Harrogate event can be seen by comments from Ian Campbell-Smith. As the co-founder of Palladio agency, who is based in London he feels that it goes beyond a northern location and this year’s event has seen him serve customers from Essex and Devon.

There were some first-time exhibitors who reflected that coming into the show they had no real expectations. However, XTI the Spanish footwear supplier engaged with multiple new potential accounts on the first day making the decision to travel to Harrogate well worth it.

Praise for the organisers

The co-founders of the event, Sarah Moody and Wendy Adams are veterans of the fashion and exhibition world. Thanks to their experience and connections with independent buyers and boutiques across the country, the event has a strong foundation to build from.

The largest exhibitor at this year’s event, Robert de Keyser who had 11 collections praised the event for how it was organised and priced. Being able to meet up with a significant number of accounts in a short, two-day event really does deliver value for money.

So whether you’re a buyer from the north of England, exhibitors from Ireland or a fashion photography studio in London, the Harrogate Fashion Week offers opportunities for all.

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