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The Biggest Trends In The Market That Look Set To Stay in 2023

The Biggest Trends In The Market That Look Set To Stay in 2023

The Biggest Trends In The Market That Look Set To Stay in 2023

The end of 2022 often means a focus on financial reports and market performance across the fashion and retail sectors. This often helps those of us in ghost mannequin photography to understand trends that have come to an end and those trends that look set to have an impact on the year to come.

Today’s article will focus on that, the biggest trends that we expect to see continue in 2023. With all of the challenges both fashion brands and consumers continue to face, it will be interesting to see how these trends evolve over time in line with the economy and world events.

Trend 1: It’s all about the product

If the pandemic and current cost-of-living crisis have taught the fashion industry anything, it is the importance of having not only a great product but the right one too. As a ghost mannequin photography company, we understand that a fashion brand is trying to connect with its audience but the reality is this only works if the audience believes the product is right for them.

Moving into 2023 it is clear that having a strong, effective understanding of customers and their specific needs will lead to brands maximise their potential. A great example is the growth of casualwear seen in 2022, as more people are working from home and opting for casual over smart wear.

The winners of 2023 will be those who can deliver just what the customer needs.

Trend 2: Building strong relationships with retailers

Many fashion businesses saw growth in their online revenue, as a result of Covid speeding up the transition to digital channels. However, in the past year, we have seen just how important retail partners are for fashion brands, particularly those with more of a focus on web content or those without their own stores.

Those brands that can connect with retail and wholesale businesses, providing products and marketing support will have a better chance of being successful in 2023 and beyond. More people are going back to the high street post-pandemic and this looks set to stay for at least the short term.

Trend 3: Finding solutions to supply chain problems

One of the most talked about problems within the fashion and retail industry, as well as us in the ghost mannequin photography London market are the challenges we all face thanks to supply chain problems. With significant disruption due to restrictions in China, strikes delaying the delivery of products and the cost of raw materials rising there is a real possibility that supply chain problems can put fashion brands out of business.

Moving into 2023, it is obvious that those fashion and retail businesses that put the time into mitigating supply chain problems will reap the benefits of continued customer engagement. They will be trusted to deliver quality products when the customer wants them, without potential delays and without the issue of returns and refunds due to failing to meet delivery deadlines.

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