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The Latest Financial Updates From Fashion and Retail Brands

Our latest assessment of the financial reports and updates from major fashion and retail brands include Under Armour, Frasers Group and Superdry. With the UK economy as a whole facing unprecedented challenges that are unlikely to change in the short term, we need to know how fashion brands are performing. This is particularly important for …


Clothing Rental Brands Consolidate Stock and Start New Partnerships

Pre-loved clothing, repair services and hiring services have been in the news almost constantly for the past few years. This is because brands are trying to find ways to tap into the growing concern of consumers about how their fashion choices impact the wider environment. Whilst there have been plenty of challenges, with brands failing …


E-Commerce Suffers From Continued Challenges and Uninspiring Results

The world of e-commerce is often seen as the saviour for fashion brands, retailers and ghost mannequin photography services like us. However, the reality is far removed with continued challenges including negative results and worker strikes. By understanding the bigger picture, it helps brands like ours to develop a plan to make the most of …

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