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News From The World Of Luxury Fashion And Retail

It’s now time for our regular check-in with the major players from the world of luxury fashion and retail. At a time when brands of all sizes are facing significant challenges, it is positive to see some businesses choosing to expand, launch new products and celebrate new collaborations. For those of us working in fashion …


How Improved Sizing Information Could Cut Returns For Fashion Brands

We have created multiple articles in recent times about the increasingly important topic of returns. Fashion brands, retailers and those of us working in e-commerce fashion photography have seen an explosion in consumers returning products. Whilst this does help brands appeal to customers, it is also causing a strain on supply chains and costs at …


UK Economy Expects To See Slow Growth And High Inflation

As the title suggests, we’ve not seen the most positive forecasts for the UK economy in 2023 and it is important to delve deeper into how this is reflected in fashion and retail performances to date. The retail and fashion photography studio industries, like many others, are experiencing significant challenges including increasing costs and consumers …


Why Are Some Circular Fashion Brands Struggling?

If we look at the resale market in general, the projections and expert comments suggest it is an industry full of promise. A recent report published by Bloomberg Intelligence used a range of data to suggest that by 2030, circular business modems could grow to almost a quarter (23%) of the total fashion market across …


ASOS: What Do Their Latest Results Mean For The Future?

As part of our news service, we often look at the financial reporting and performance announcements from major fashion and retail brands. As a clothing photography service, this is vital to our understanding of where the market is moving to and potential trends to monitor. However, it is sometimes useful to go into more detail …

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