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Ikea and H&M announce mentor programme for designers

A fantastic story to share today from two of the leading fashion, design and furniture companies, H&M and Ikea parent company Ingka Group. They have begun a pilot scheme called Atelier100, focusing on designers and creatives based in London.

For anyone working in a fashion photography studio or clothing photography in London and the wider area, this could provide an outstanding platform for future career development. The goal behind this collaboration is to create an environment that focuses on sustainability and locally-focused high-street retail. This means anyone living no further than 100km from the centre of London, who works in anything from e-commerce photography to manufacturing and design roles is able to share product concepts and design ideas.

A lucky few that get selected will be awarded money up to a life-changing £10,000 in funding for their idea as well as a comprehensive mentorship programme from well-known industry leaders. These include senior leaders at both H&M and the Ingka Group.

So where will all this be happening?

They have chosen a location in the Livat Hammersmith, a property owned by Ingka Group. In the spirit of increased sustainability and promoting the high street, they have used recycled materials taken from the flagship Topshop store that used to be located on Oxford Street, London.

Whether you’re attending a workshop or 1-2-1 sessions with a mentor, this will be a hive of design and creativity. It will also allow the public to see what is going on and purchase products eventually, with an aim of being ready to sell products on location sometime in the Autumn of 2022.

Give people the opportunity to develop

Unlike many of the opportunities out there to get funding and support, the team behind the Atelier100 venture state that there will be no deadlines. It is about offering creative people the chance to develop and form their own journey.

Once they are on this journey, the well-placed experts can connect each successful applicant with the best mentors, whether that is to learn about sustainability in the manufacturing process or marketing and fashion photography.

The future aspirations of Atelier100

The hope is that they can build on the success of the London-based Atelier100, launching opportunities across other cities in both the UK and Europe.

So whether you currently work in a small fashion photography studio or another creative role in Birmingham, Manchester or any city across Europe, there is a good chance that opportunity will come your way in the near future. In such a competitive and challenging industry, these types of support schemes have the potential to not only change a career but a life.
If you’d like to know more about this opportunity, check out the Atelier100 website here and read all about the possibilities open to you.

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