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The latest fashion store openings and partnerships

We’ve got some exciting store openings, partnerships and general fashion developments to bring you today. When it comes to clothing photography, it is so important to be aware of what’s happening in your market, so let’s see what fashion retailers, leaders and celebrities have been active in the past few months.

New stores

There have been some exciting new stores opening up across the UK, showing us the power that bricks-and-mortar retail still has in the fashion industry. Just a select few of the store openings include:

H&M and IKEA

These two retail superstars from Sweden have launched a joint venture called Atelier100. Located in Hammersmith, London it is a space where local manufacturers and designers who live within 100km can showcase their products. A creative hub in the true sense of the word, the goal is to develop the creative community and offer opportunities to the future of fashion. For those working in clothing photography, this is a truly exciting project.

Hugo Boss

The luxury brand has opened a new flagship store on the iconic Oxford Street in Central London. This BOSS store comprises two floors and they have really focused on digital technology. There are window displays that are interactive, as well as a social media wall that offers consumers a unique digital experience whilst shopping.


Combining two store openings into one here, the fashion brand owned by the Frasers Group has opened a brand new store at Braehead Shopping Centre, in Glasgow. On top of that, its flagship Liverpool store has opened, bringing together everything from fashion retail and leisure into one place.

New partnerships

Partnerships continue to play a strong role in the growth and evolution of the fashion industry, something those from the clothing photography world know only too well. Just a few of the examples of the latest partnerships in fashion and retail include.

Gucci and Harry Styles

Harry Styles has teamed up with the creative director at Gucci to work on a new collection for the luxury brand. Recently unveiled at the Fashion Week in Milan, the menswear collection is known as Gucci HA HA HA and is said to have developed as a result of the creative experiences of both fashion icons.

Timberland and Fortnite

Following on from many others who have collaborated with the makers of Fortnite, Timberland has developed a metaverse encounter for users that includes a virtual version of their innovation lab. For anyone interested in how their footwear is developed then this has the potential to truly engage with modern generations.

Front Row London and Fenwick

The famous department store has teamed up with Front Row London, which offers a rental service for luxury fashion. This partnership in their Bond Street location will offer a wide range of items including ready-to-wear and the latest runway trends. Imagine being able to try out those latest trends and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time!

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