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Selfridges Launch The Stock Market

Selfridges Launch Their Latest Event As Part of Their Circular Shopping Season

The popularity of the circular fashion industry is showing no signs of slowing down, with expectations that it will grow significantly in the coming years. Whilst there are brands who are struggling to be successful, as highlighted in an article due out later this month it still holds appeal to some major fashion brands.

Today we are looking at The Stock Market, a pop-up by Selfridges that is running for a single month until the 10th of June. This is a concept where preowned items can be purchased, repaired, exchanged and more. For those of us working in e-commerce fashion photography, the growth in circular fashion has opened up new opportunities and new requirements for showcasing pre-owned items.

This event is part of Selfridge’s season of circular shopping and second-hand experiences that will be running until the end of August 2023. Titled ‘Worn Again’, all of these experiences and events are based primarily around the Corner Shop part of their famous department store. With a focus on ensuring fashion products stay in circulation for as long as possible, Selfridge’s has created a goal of having almost half of all transactions with the brand happening through circular fashion products and services by the year 2030.

So what is included as part of The Stock Market?

It may be hard to imagine popping into Selfridges to get clothing repaired or find a second-hand bargain but that is exactly what is on offer. With the ability to get guidance, pay for repairs and even sell items from your wardrobe in exchange for store credit this event has proved very popular. Here are just a few of the exciting options shoppers have when they visit this circular fashion experience.

Valuation and resell for store credit

If you visit The Stock Market with items from your wardrobe, you may have the opportunity to get them valued by experts and then sell them for store credit to the team at Selfridges. Fantastic options for those wanting to make a little space in the wardrobe, minimise their impact on the environment and find some exciting items from Selfridges.


Some leading circular fashion partners including The Handbag Clinic and SneakersER are on call at the pop-up to help repair and restore clothing items. Maybe you have some tired old leather bags or shoes that could be transformed. These experts really can transform your wardrobe.

Tailoring services

As an e-commerce fashion photography service, we have worked with tailoring services and we know how much work they get from people who have purchased items and they no longer fit. Selfridges clearly have the same thought, as visitors will be able to get clothing altered as part of the pop-up store experience.

Resident upcyclers

Even if you don’t have any items to buy or sell, The Stock Market has an intriguing area devoted to experts in upcycling who will demonstrate how to make the most of your wardrobe. These sessions do require you to buy tickets but all profits will go to Oxfam.

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