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A Guide to Selling Vintage Clothing Online

If you have an eye for fashion and a passion for days gone by, you’ve likely thought about turning your skills into a business. Thanks to social media and online retail platforms, selling vintage clothing online has become a huge trend, with thousands of vintage and thrift stores on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and Shopify across …


6 benefits of ecommerce fashion product photography

It’s no secret that we’re highly visual creatures, and no ecommerce store would think that it’s enough to put up a text description of their product. But when it comes to selling fashion products, high-quality photography is even more important than you think! Benefits of Ecommerce fashion photography Here’s why professional fashion product photography is …


Promoting your clothing brand to boost online sales

When it comes to marketing, few sectors are more savvy and demanding than the fashion industry. The same is true of its customers. If you wish to market a clothing brand online, you need to be aware that you are targeting an audience that is image-conscious, has a strong brand and product knowledge (as well …


5 Types of Fashion Photography Used in Ecommerce

Retail e-commerce is big business in the UK, with 41.1 million apparel e-commerce users in the country and online sales set to account for more than US$39.9 billion by 2025. With so much competition out there, online retailers need to ensure that their products and clothing are showcased in fashion photographs the right way, making sure you catch the …

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