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Revolutionising Ecommerce with Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ever glanced at a fashion item online and marvelled at how it seems to float, giving you a 360-degree view? That’s the magic of ghost mannequin photography. It breathes life into clothing, without an actual model in sight! But what’s behind this digital wizardry?

This clever technique is more than meets the eye; it’s transforming ecommerce as we know it. We’re not just talking about snazzy product images – although they are a perk! Ghost mannequin photography helps create engaging customer experiences, boost sales and even build your brand image.

Intrigued? Stick around because we’re going to delve deeper into its technical aspects, overcome common challenges together and master the art for your site!

Why Ghost Mannequin Photography?

The world of ecommerce has given rise to an interesting phenomenon known as ghost mannequin photography. But what is it exactly?

Well, imagine a shirt or dress that appears suspended in mid-air. It’s like the garment is being worn by an invisible model – hence the name ghost mannequin.

The Origin and Concept of Ghost Mannequin Photography

Invented out of necessity for online retailers needing to showcase their products effectively, ghost mannequin photography provides a clever solution. By using mannequins, photographers can create lifelike images without the need for human models.

Making Products Come Alive Through Imaging Techniques

It may sound easy enough but there’s quite some skill involved in getting this right. Photographers use advanced imaging techniques including strategic lighting and specific camera angles, then combine multiple shots in post-production to achieve that desired ‘floating’ effect. Light manipulation, particularly important when working with fabrics or reflective materials, plays a crucial role here too.

A Shift from Traditional Product Imagery

No doubt you’ve noticed traditional catalogue imagery seems rather flat compared to these 360-degree visuals provided by ghost mannequins? This new approach gives shoppers a much better feel for the product. They can see exactly how it fits, hangs and moves – a virtual try-on if you will.

And because of this enhanced viewing experience, online retailers using ghost mannequin photography are seeing an increase in customer confidence, leading to improved conversion rates. Not only does it make products look attractive, but also helps to boost sales!

The Importance of Ghost Mannequin Photography in Ecommerce

Ghost mannequin photography has emerged as a game-changer for ecommerce businesses. It’s an innovative way to showcase products, particularly clothing, on your online store. But why is it so important?

Firstly, ghost mannequin photography creates a lifelike and professional image that can enhance the customer experience. Instead of flat lay photos or images with visible hangers, ghost mannequins give customers a realistic view of how the product will look when worn.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Sales

We all know the saying – ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ In ecommerce terms though? Let’s say it’s more like ‘a thousand sales’. Research suggests high-quality imagery leads to higher engagement rates and conversions.

This comes down to trust; clear pictures help shoppers understand exactly what they’re getting into. No one wants nasty surprises after making an online purchase. Ghost mannequin photography allows for this clarity by providing three-dimensional perspectives without distractions.

Making Your Brand Stand Out

In today’s crowded digital marketplace where countless brands vie for attention, standing out from competitors isn’t easy. However, incorporating ghost mannequin photography could be just what you need to make your brand memorable.

The technique gives depth and realism that traditional flat lays struggle with. As such it offers something unique which potential customers may not see elsewhere — making them more likely remember your brand over others. Shopify agrees, stating good product shots can differentiate brands in consumers’ minds.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Ghost mannequin photography can also be more cost-effective than traditional model shoots. While hiring models, makeup artists and stylists may deliver fantastic results; it’s not always feasible for smaller businesses with tight budgets.

This technique allows you to create professional-looking images without such hefty costs. Plus, once the initial setup is done – future shoots become quicker and easier to manage.

The Technical Aspects of Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin photography is a fascinating blend of artistry and technical skill. But what makes this technique tick? Let’s delve into the core aspects: equipment, lighting, and editing techniques.


You don’t need to break the bank to get started with ghost mannequin photography. A good quality DSLR or mirrorless camera can do wonders in capturing crisp product images. Additionally, using a tripod will ensure stability for your shots while interchangeable lenses offer versatility for different clothing types.

An actual ghost mannequin, specifically designed for this purpose is also vital. They’re usually made from durable plastic or fibreglass with removable sections allowing you to create that invisible effect without much hassle.


A well-lit product photo speaks volumes about its quality; therefore it’s crucial we nail down lighting right off the bat. Start by investing in softboxes or umbrella lights which provide evenly diffused light eliminating harsh shadows on your subject matter.

Reflectors are another essential tool helping bounce light back onto areas where natural illumination may not reach adequately. These tools help make sure every detail of the item gets properly highlighted giving customers an accurate representation of what they’re buying.

Editing Techniques

This stage lets us turn ordinary photographs into stunningly realistic ‘ghost’ images. The process starts by taking two separate pictures – one showcasing the front part while hiding all visible parts of the mannequin and vice versa for the second shot.

Then using software like Photoshop, these images are merged together, effectively ‘erasing’ the mannequin from sight and giving a hollow yet 3D effect to the garment. It’s at this stage where our image truly starts resembling an invisible or ghost mannequin.

Becoming proficient in ghost mannequin photography requires time, practice and some investment – so why not hire a professional team like ours to save you time and energy?

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Photography for Ecommerce Store Owners

The power of ghost mannequin photography lies in its ability to present products as they would appear on a customer, without the distraction or cost of hiring models. This technique lets customers focus entirely on your product, which can help improve sales.

A well-executed ghost mannequin photograph does more than just showcase a product—it enhances it. It gives depth and form to clothing items, showing how they fit and drape when worn. So if you’re looking to sell clothes online, using this method will give your potential buyers a clearer picture.

According to Shopify, high-quality images are crucial in ecommerce because customers cannot touch or feel the products before buying them. With detailed photos from various angles—possible through ghost mannequin photography—you make sure that your audience gets an accurate representation of what they’re purchasing.

Increase Conversion Rates

Sales conversion is all about trust between sellers and consumers—a rapport that begins with honest presentation of goods. As HubSpot notes, relevant imagery can significantly increase engagement levels; this means better chances for converting browsers into buyers.

Better Branding

Your brand’s image plays an essential role in attracting customers and making sales happen. And quality photographs—like those made possible by ghost mannequins—are part-and-parcel of creating that image.

Cut Down Costs & Time

Hiring professional models might be effective, but it can also be costly and time-consuming. Ghost mannequin photography lets you cut down on these expenses while still achieving professional results. It’s a great benefit for any ecommerce business proprietor.

Boost SEO

Using high-quality ghost mannequin images, complemented with accurate alt tags, can make a significant difference. By providing accurate alt tags to accompany the high-quality ghost mannequin images, not only can it improve Google’s understanding of your content but also give a boost to your site’s visibility and search engine ranking. Another often forgotten use for alt-tags is for users that have accessibility requirements – screen readers help a great deal when the alt text of an image accurately portrays the image!

Future Trends in Ghost Mannequin Photography

The future of ghost mannequin photography is as bright as the flashes that light up our London studio. As the digital age progresses, ecommerce is flourishing, bringing with it a growing requirement for superior product images.

Invisible models have long been popular in online fashion retail because they let potential customers focus on the clothing without distraction. But this technique isn’t standing still – there are exciting trends on the horizon that could revolutionise how we present products online.

Advancements in 3D Imaging

The next big thing could well be advancements in 3D imaging technology. By combining traditional photography techniques with cutting-edge software, photographers can create realistic three-dimensional renderings of clothes, offering viewers a more immersive shopping experience than ever before.

This trend doesn’t just apply to clothes either; expect to see everything from furniture to electronics presented using similar methods soon.

Variety through Virtual Reality

We might also start seeing increased use of virtual reality (VR) technologies. With VR headsets becoming more affordable and widely used, retailers will look at new ways to give customers an “in-store” feel from their own homes.

Imagine being able not only view your desired outfit from all angles but even ‘try them on’ virtually. The possibilities here are enormous and open up avenues for truly interactive shopping experiences.

A New Level of Personalisation

Trends towards personalisation aren’t slowing down anytime soon. We’re likely going to see a shift towards creating personalised avatars that can be dressed in different outfits. This would allow customers to see how a garment might look on their own body shape, not just an invisible mannequin.

This could revolutionise online shopping by providing consumers with more confidence in their purchases and reduce return rates for retailers – a win-win situation.

Automated Image Editing

Looking ahead, the future of ghost mannequin photography is brimming with possibilities. Technological leaps in artificial intelligence (AI) are already offering us tools that effortlessly remove or replace backgrounds from product images, truly revolutionising image editing.

FAQs in Relation to Ghost Mannequin Photography

What is the ghost mannequin photography technique?

This technique involves photographing clothes on a mannequin, then removing the mannequin during editing to give an ‘invisible’ effect.

How do you get the ghost mannequin effect?

You can achieve this by shooting multiple images of your product on a mannequin and in different positions, then merging them together digitally.

How to make a ghost mannequin?

Create one using transparent materials or purchase from specialised retailers. This makes post-editing easier when creating that invisible look.

What is the invisible mannequin effect?

The invisible or ‘ghost’ effect makes clothing items appear 3D and hollow without any visible support structure in product shots.


Ghost mannequin photography isn’t just about flashy images, it’s a game-changer for ecommerce. It brings products to life and grabs customer attention.

Mastering the technical side might seem daunting but with patience, practice and our handy guide, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way.

Better product presentation? Check! Improved brand image? You bet! Ghost mannequin photography offers so much more than first meets the eye.

The future is exciting too. As trends evolve and technology advances, who knows what incredible possibilities await?

If you’re serious about revolutionising your ecommerce site – start here. Make ghost mannequin photography part of your strategy today!

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