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Fashion and E-Commerce Trends To Be Aware Of This Year

Fashion and E-Commerce Trends To Be Aware Of This Year

Fashion and E-Commerce Trends To Be Aware Of This Year

It is a fantastic time for fashion and retail businesses, as well as those working in ghost mannequin photography in London to look ahead at potential trends and opportunities in 2023. We’re through a lot of the disruption faced by Covid but there are still challenges to supply chains, high energy bills to deal with and a cost-of-living crisis to overcome.

As a result, taking the time to look at trends forecasted for 2023 and business decisions that can help deliver success makes a lot of sense. This article is broken down into two sections to help highlight these opportunities so that you can assess whether your business is ready to take advantage in the coming year.

How fashion and retail brands can deliver success in 2023

The first section of this article focuses on potential ways that fashion and retail brands can maximise their potential and deliver success in 2023.

Maximise the potential of every channel

Our previous articles have mentioned the drive towards an omnichannel approach to running a business and this is still true in 2023. Those businesses that maximise the potential of every channel, will be in a stronger position to face the challenges presented to the industry and wider market this year.

This means finding that balance between e-commerce, high street stores, social media interactions and wholesale opportunities. Each niche will require a different plan, whether operating in luxury fashion, high-street retail or ghost mannequin photography.

Consider prioritising the best customers

When we say the best customers, we mean focusing on making sure your valued customers, truly feel valued. Your core demographic need to really believe in the brand and maintain that loyalty.

If a business is able to connect in such a way, then it will find it easier to sell more and have a stable revenue coming in. However, this doesn’t mean ignoring new customer opportunities so the balance must be there!

Stay relevant by focusing on sustainability

Sustainability continues to be one of the leading aspects of the decision-making process for consumers. More and more people are choosing to leave brands that lack a commitment to sustainability, or whose brand fails to communicate their approach to this topic.

As a ghost mannequin photography service, we understand that fashion has a long history with less than sustainable supply chains so it will be those that solve this who will be stronger in 2023.

Consumer trends for 20-somethings by the experts at ASOS

We will delve deeper into consumer trends for the fashion and retail sector in future articles, but to summarise a few key points as we look ahead into 2023 please see the section below.

Music and film stars continue to influence

This is nothing new, as music and film stars have influenced fashion for many years. However, with some significant films being released in 2023 including the new Avatar and Barbie films then the potential to influence those growing up with these films and toys is clear to see.

Denim and traditional trainers

Another throwback to the noughties here with denim and traditional styles of trainers taking off big time in early 2023. For those 20-somethings who are a key consumer demographic, this will certainly appeal and brands who take advantage will see some significant results.

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