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A Recap Of January's New Stores and Partnerships

A Recap Of January’s New Stores and Partnerships

A Recap Of January's New Stores and Partnerships

The month of January is often a slower one for brands opening new stores and setting up partnerships when compared to the previous two months. That is understandable given the importance placed on those festive months for everyone in retail, fashion, ghost mannequin photography and e-commerce.

Throw in the challenging environment faced by all those with a vested interest in fashion, we felt it important to highlight some of the positive steps brands are taking right now. Opening a store or collaborating with other brands are fantastic options for those companies wanting to strengthen their position in the market.

Let’s start with the latest store openings

Despite it being the start of the year, we’ve already seen some significant store openings and announcements of future new stores across the UK. Here are just a few of the more notable ones that are happening in 2023.

TX Maxx in Watford

The well-known retailer is expanding in the summer of 2023, having decided to open a brand new store in Watford at the Atria shopping centre. The format will be similar to previous stores, with a mix of brands, designer-label clothing, household items and beauty all at lower prices. The store is expected to be more than 30,000 sq ft.

Bath attracts Goldsmiths and Zara

The open-air shopping experience at SouthGate in Bath will welcome both Zara and Goldsmiths in the Autumn of this year. For Zara, this 32,000 sq ft retail store will be their first in Bath and spread across two floors, offering a wide range of fashion for women and men. This a great sign for those working in ghost mannequin photography in London and across the UK.

Exciting partnership announcements

Moving on to partnerships announced for 2023, some of the biggest fashion brands in the world are collaborating in everything from jewellery to shoes and clothing.

Nike & Tiffany

Sportswear and luxury brands unite here as Nike & Tiffany collaborate on a special edition of the Air Force 1. A black suede low-top design with a blue leather swoosh celebrating both fashion giants, including special tones and branding to show off the year Tiffany’s was founded in New York.

Sainsbury’s and Sosandar

We are seeing more supermarkets venture further into fashion and this announcement that Sainsbury’s has agreed to work with Sosandar is proof of that approach. We will see some of the highest-selling styles from the Sosander collection available on Sainsbury’s online platforms.

Love Island and eBay

Another collaboration and store opening that is flying the flag for second-hand or pre-loved fashion. For those of us with an active interest in fashion and retail, such as ghost mannequin fashion photography services this is great news. Love Island is partnering with eBay yet again to highlight the power of choosing pre-loved clothing.

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